Friday, July 26, 2013

The xx


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has something in store for their swirl card holders!

Aligned to their love for coffee, tea and music, Coffee Bean Swirl Rewards Card holders can enjoy 5% off on the xx's concert tickets when they come over to play in Manila this July!

All you have to do to claim this promo is to present your Swirl Rewards Card at any Ticketworld outlet nationwide! :)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello Kitty on Walls

I saw photos of Hello Kitty wallpapers and stick-on's a few months back, while skimming through some sites. Though we are able to see stickers of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters just about everywhere, these in particular, stuck out to me. Not only are they cute and sweet, they also present themselves to be "mature" beyond words!

Of course when we talk about about being "mature", Hello Kitty and her adorable friends are never within the context of the term. These designs though, the manner of application and locations of use, sure does lift their ante a bit! :)

I love how the designs can be used just about everywhere! Gone were the days when images like these may only be found inside the rooms of little girls and boys. 

They can even go from the bedroom of an adult, all the way to one's hallway! With proper use and strategic locationing, I'm sure father's, brother's and husband's out there can totally be gilded to agree! Whee

Ohhh, Hello Kitty is so adorable! I wonder if My Melody and Kuromi have versions of these too. Note to self, I must do some research! Haha


Hello Kitty used for reminders? How great! 

Till next time! :) 


Monday, July 22, 2013

House of Design

Two weeks ago, I received an invite that made me giddy.

Why you ask?

Because One Mega Home's My Home, Condo Living and BluPrint will be having it's first ever Home and Design Party, promptly coined as the "HOUSE OF DESIGN"! 

The event, a collaborative effort of the three magazines (for maximum punch!) happens tomorrow, Tuesday, 23 July 2013 at the NBC Tent, the Fort.

See you all tomorrow!!! :) :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

To Have Seen A Tarsier

So here's the thing. 

My family and I stayed on an overnight trip to Bohol to get some rest over the weekend sometime in May. We decided to stay at The Bellevue Bohol and that was that. End of plans. 

Often, most families would have probably scheduled a trip or two out of Panglao Island (where Bellevue is), to visit and see the sites around Tagbilaran and the like. But no, we were so chill that we spent the entire weekend simply going in and out of our rooms to eat, swim and take a stroll by the beach, or around the hotel's vicinity. 

There were no van rentals involved, snorkeling or jet ski adventures. No trips to see the tarsiers and visits to the Chocolate Hills. We saw no need to view the Chocolate Hills as, my family would say "We don't have to go and see the Chocolate Hills. We already saw them from the sky!". Yup, to those to have never been to Bohol, the ever so popular hills may be viewed a few minutes prior to landing. :)

To bore you no further, here are some of the photos we took during the trip!


The ride to the hotel took half an hour, passing several towns and water-filled areas.

As soon as we stepped down and left the craziness of the bus, we were greeted by this pretty installation!

And of course, what's the first thing one must do as soon as you step into your room?


As soon as the selfie's have been shot, family portraits come in next! Here I am with my family and bugging my brother for a photo while he was resting on his bed. :D

 After we got settled down, we took a tour of the hotel. We went straight to have lunch and decided to eat beneath the huge nipa.

No matter where you go and look, not a single area was left under designed! 

From the hidden aircon locations to the pretty blue jars around the equally beautiful pool..

..and machuca-looking steps..'s no wonder why this place is known to be awesome! 

With a view as breathtaking as this, we knew we were bound to have a great time. :)

Do wait up for my next post on our second day. :)

Toodles from my family to yours!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eee to Michell-ie

Here's a random post on a random topic. 

I left the firm last May and these past few days, I've been getting really nostalgic. Here are some photos from a not-so-normal Friday with the production team (one that is!).

We were so happy that day (guess why!) that we decided on chewing on pizza for lunch!

After drowning on slices of pizza while standing up and laughing our guts off, that afternoon Michelle and I decided to camwhore like crazy! Michelle and I were the original "young" interior designers in the group so even if we don't get to chit chat a lot, our bonding moments were always the bomb! :)

Oh and hey hey, no filter! #turrah!

And here's something Michelle came up with! How cute! :)

More of my adventures with Michelle and the rest of the group in future posts!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wainscots Modernity

Wainscots, a form of wood (plastic or whatnot) paneling on walls, have been around for centuries. 
Often quoted as reference for an interior's age, classification and motif, wainscots these days are often seen combined with modern designs.

Gone are the days when wainscots were noted as elaborate pieces of wood lined in a row, that only our grandparent's, aunt's and uncle's in the province can appreciate. Being the innovative (and copy cat) creatures that we are, we've learned to evolve it's role and use, to suit our present needs.

Foyer / Entry

When combined with a raw and natural touch, wainscots can't help but stand out against all the concrete's unfinished look. This comes out as a perfect idea for those who want to adapt an Industrial look for their homes, but can't seem to let go of all the embroidery. :) 

Though these popular wall panels often come in white or wood varnishes, there's something about them that make them look really classy when painted in bright, colorful tones.


Playing with heights to achieve the look that we want, is always very crucial during the development of one's design. As in the yellow-painted wainscot shown in the photo, it's level from the ground was experimented on, in relation to the diamond panels above it. The designer of the space must have realized how great in proportion it would create, to lower the height of the wainscot, paint it yellow and leave the rest in off white would make. 

A tad bit color conscious? 

While mixing off white's with sunny hues look really pretty in one's living room (or elsewhere), our usual and conservative white-on-white's will too, never go out of style. :)

Kitchen / Dining

Who says kitchens can have no fun? Take your cue on the photo below!

The often painted lower panels have been left white with its upper walls in a deep blue tone. Accented with white overhead cabinets, jambs and picture frames, our usually formal kitchens experience an instant transformation. :)

Apart from paint, wallpapers will too, add class and sophistication when paired with wainscots. For those who prefer a mixture of femininity and masculinity, soft pieces like flowery wallpapers may be toughened by strong furniture pieces like the table in the photo.


Opposite to the lowered height of the wainscot, wainscots may also exaggerate in height to achieve a designer look!

Notice how the drop of the capiz lighting falls right where the wainscot ends? 
Now that's alignment! *nerd*

Mid-century modern pieces, wainscots and crazy mouldings are love, don't you think? 
It gives the entire space a relaxing feel. You actually don't need to install paintings anymore. :)


Bathrooms and wainscots with a pretty wallpaper in tow, is an instant quick fix to one's dream of reliving Maria Antoinette's lifestyle. Do check the photos below!

Man or woman, you can definitely appreciate a beautiful bathroom like this when you see it.

Oh hey! I wonder what I brother will think of this???


Friday, July 5, 2013

Mint, Blush and Cakes

I've never really been one to appreciate anything green. Green-colored things usually ended up at the bottom of my chain while clothes in the hue, were never really used.

Two decades and something later, I've eaten my dislike for green. Though I still don't put much green on (unless it's of the fluorescent kind), I must say, I've eaten my dislike whole.

A few weeks back, I was reading up on minty, Victorian-inspired designs. A pastel color often associated with white while still being able to cater to both men and women is blue. With blue always being used again and again, I kept thinking of another color that would give the same effect but still be acceptable to someone like my Dad...more so my brother. Then it donned on me. *Boom!* : SEA FOAM GREEN. :)

I noticed how Sea Foam Green looks so pretty not only for interiors, but also as a theme for weddings. I've never really been one to think about weddings or to even think  about my own, but these photos are really beautiful!
I might just use it for my own someday. <3

With weddings all about these days and June having just passed by, this makes for a perfect topic,
don't you think? :)

From cakes to dresses, macaroons and table settings.. 

To cute beetles, gifts and the bride's bouquet..

Sea Foam Green adds to the fantasy every bride wants for her wedding. The hue makes everything so light, refreshing and does not emit the stuffiness weddings usually make one feel.

Here are more photos. 

The ladies and all the accessories look really nice!

I can't stop looking at the macaroons and Sea Foam Green-colored cakes! *sweet tooth alert*

Oh and take a look at the shoes below. So chic and classy. :)

From cute drop earrings to champagne details...

Mint-colored giveaways...

nails and pearls...

One's quest for a perfect (to near perfect wedding) with Sea Foam Green at bay, is a never ending list that can fill one's heart. 

And the dress below? 
I've got a word for it.

Fantastic. :)



Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....