Friday, July 5, 2013

Mint, Blush and Cakes

I've never really been one to appreciate anything green. Green-colored things usually ended up at the bottom of my chain while clothes in the hue, were never really used.

Two decades and something later, I've eaten my dislike for green. Though I still don't put much green on (unless it's of the fluorescent kind), I must say, I've eaten my dislike whole.

A few weeks back, I was reading up on minty, Victorian-inspired designs. A pastel color often associated with white while still being able to cater to both men and women is blue. With blue always being used again and again, I kept thinking of another color that would give the same effect but still be acceptable to someone like my Dad...more so my brother. Then it donned on me. *Boom!* : SEA FOAM GREEN. :)

I noticed how Sea Foam Green looks so pretty not only for interiors, but also as a theme for weddings. I've never really been one to think about weddings or to even think  about my own, but these photos are really beautiful!
I might just use it for my own someday. <3

With weddings all about these days and June having just passed by, this makes for a perfect topic,
don't you think? :)

From cakes to dresses, macaroons and table settings.. 

To cute beetles, gifts and the bride's bouquet..

Sea Foam Green adds to the fantasy every bride wants for her wedding. The hue makes everything so light, refreshing and does not emit the stuffiness weddings usually make one feel.

Here are more photos. 

The ladies and all the accessories look really nice!

I can't stop looking at the macaroons and Sea Foam Green-colored cakes! *sweet tooth alert*

Oh and take a look at the shoes below. So chic and classy. :)

From cute drop earrings to champagne details...

Mint-colored giveaways...

nails and pearls...

One's quest for a perfect (to near perfect wedding) with Sea Foam Green at bay, is a never ending list that can fill one's heart. 

And the dress below? 
I've got a word for it.

Fantastic. :)



Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....