Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A for AdoraMinions!

No flock of cute, crazy little creatures has captured our hearts like the Aliens of "Toy Story".. None that is, until the Minions of "Despicable Me" came to say hello!

Aren't they the most charming bunch???? 

The Minions have taken over everything and anything....... from tables of owners in the world wide web..

to random people's nails, 


desktops at the firm I worked for (photo from Michelle..thanks Michelliee!),

to even McDonald's!

Because of their googley eyes, vicious smiles and infectious bursts of energy, it's no wonder why kids and even kids-at-heart from all over, have been rampaging their nearest McDonald's for a dose of some happy meal goodness!

It has been quite hard to find a Mcdonald's in the south that still have these minions on stock. Crazy right?? It's a good thing Makati doesn't experience the same drought early in the day, which is why friend / ex-officemate Jayve was able to purchase one for me today!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jayve!!! :) :) :) Thank you for my break dancing Jerry! Wheee!



Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....