Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wainscots Modernity

Wainscots, a form of wood (plastic or whatnot) paneling on walls, have been around for centuries. 
Often quoted as reference for an interior's age, classification and motif, wainscots these days are often seen combined with modern designs.

Gone are the days when wainscots were noted as elaborate pieces of wood lined in a row, that only our grandparent's, aunt's and uncle's in the province can appreciate. Being the innovative (and copy cat) creatures that we are, we've learned to evolve it's role and use, to suit our present needs.

Foyer / Entry

When combined with a raw and natural touch, wainscots can't help but stand out against all the concrete's unfinished look. This comes out as a perfect idea for those who want to adapt an Industrial look for their homes, but can't seem to let go of all the embroidery. :) 

Though these popular wall panels often come in white or wood varnishes, there's something about them that make them look really classy when painted in bright, colorful tones.


Playing with heights to achieve the look that we want, is always very crucial during the development of one's design. As in the yellow-painted wainscot shown in the photo, it's level from the ground was experimented on, in relation to the diamond panels above it. The designer of the space must have realized how great in proportion it would create, to lower the height of the wainscot, paint it yellow and leave the rest in off white would make. 

A tad bit color conscious? 

While mixing off white's with sunny hues look really pretty in one's living room (or elsewhere), our usual and conservative white-on-white's will too, never go out of style. :)

Kitchen / Dining

Who says kitchens can have no fun? Take your cue on the photo below!

The often painted lower panels have been left white with its upper walls in a deep blue tone. Accented with white overhead cabinets, jambs and picture frames, our usually formal kitchens experience an instant transformation. :)

Apart from paint, wallpapers will too, add class and sophistication when paired with wainscots. For those who prefer a mixture of femininity and masculinity, soft pieces like flowery wallpapers may be toughened by strong furniture pieces like the table in the photo.


Opposite to the lowered height of the wainscot, wainscots may also exaggerate in height to achieve a designer look!

Notice how the drop of the capiz lighting falls right where the wainscot ends? 
Now that's alignment! *nerd*

Mid-century modern pieces, wainscots and crazy mouldings are love, don't you think? 
It gives the entire space a relaxing feel. You actually don't need to install paintings anymore. :)


Bathrooms and wainscots with a pretty wallpaper in tow, is an instant quick fix to one's dream of reliving Maria Antoinette's lifestyle. Do check the photos below!

Man or woman, you can definitely appreciate a beautiful bathroom like this when you see it.

Oh hey! I wonder what I brother will think of this???



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