Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello Kitty on Walls

I saw photos of Hello Kitty wallpapers and stick-on's a few months back, while skimming through some sites. Though we are able to see stickers of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters just about everywhere, these in particular, stuck out to me. Not only are they cute and sweet, they also present themselves to be "mature" beyond words!

Of course when we talk about about being "mature", Hello Kitty and her adorable friends are never within the context of the term. These designs though, the manner of application and locations of use, sure does lift their ante a bit! :)

I love how the designs can be used just about everywhere! Gone were the days when images like these may only be found inside the rooms of little girls and boys. 

They can even go from the bedroom of an adult, all the way to one's hallway! With proper use and strategic locationing, I'm sure father's, brother's and husband's out there can totally be gilded to agree! Whee

Ohhh, Hello Kitty is so adorable! I wonder if My Melody and Kuromi have versions of these too. Note to self, I must do some research! Haha


Hello Kitty used for reminders? How great! 

Till next time! :) 



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