Thursday, July 18, 2013

To Have Seen A Tarsier

So here's the thing. 

My family and I stayed on an overnight trip to Bohol to get some rest over the weekend sometime in May. We decided to stay at The Bellevue Bohol and that was that. End of plans. 

Often, most families would have probably scheduled a trip or two out of Panglao Island (where Bellevue is), to visit and see the sites around Tagbilaran and the like. But no, we were so chill that we spent the entire weekend simply going in and out of our rooms to eat, swim and take a stroll by the beach, or around the hotel's vicinity. 

There were no van rentals involved, snorkeling or jet ski adventures. No trips to see the tarsiers and visits to the Chocolate Hills. We saw no need to view the Chocolate Hills as, my family would say "We don't have to go and see the Chocolate Hills. We already saw them from the sky!". Yup, to those to have never been to Bohol, the ever so popular hills may be viewed a few minutes prior to landing. :)

To bore you no further, here are some of the photos we took during the trip!


The ride to the hotel took half an hour, passing several towns and water-filled areas.

As soon as we stepped down and left the craziness of the bus, we were greeted by this pretty installation!

And of course, what's the first thing one must do as soon as you step into your room?


As soon as the selfie's have been shot, family portraits come in next! Here I am with my family and bugging my brother for a photo while he was resting on his bed. :D

 After we got settled down, we took a tour of the hotel. We went straight to have lunch and decided to eat beneath the huge nipa.

No matter where you go and look, not a single area was left under designed! 

From the hidden aircon locations to the pretty blue jars around the equally beautiful pool..

..and machuca-looking steps..'s no wonder why this place is known to be awesome! 

With a view as breathtaking as this, we knew we were bound to have a great time. :)

Do wait up for my next post on our second day. :)

Toodles from my family to yours!


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