Monday, August 5, 2013

Not Even the Chocolate Hills

As the rain continuous to pour, the lateness of my post is becoming more evident! *rain rain go away!* haha

Here are photos from the second day of our trip to Bohol this summer! 
(For the first day, do click here).

As in the post on our first day, our second day was not any differentt. Countless tours around the hotel were made, along with varying degrees of heat and sun exposure. We experienced no rentals, no trips to see the tarsiers nor to see the Chocolate Hills (since you can see them from the sky prior to landing anyway).

The view from our walk in the morning was something else. It was so serene and natural for a morning at the beach, unlike the hustle and bustle you experience in Boracay, even in station 1. :)

There were so much (Yes "much" is the term for it and not "many"! They were way uncountable) starfish on the beach that morning. I wasn't sure how to feel about them because I've never seen them by the dozens..hundreds..before. I was so worried that my weight would end up crushing them so I decided to flee the water and head back to the sand.

The hotel looks so pretty sans the running kids around! Whoopie for the early risers! :)

Breakfast was also great. Being a heavy breakfast-eater, I recall not having space in my belly till lunch!

Though I'm the elder of two, with my younger brother now taller and bigger than me, I have days when I can totally pass as the younger kid, like in the photo below.haha

On another note, can anyone spot the over mining above? 
What  a relaxing sight this would have been if not for it. ;)



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