Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Thursday

This week has been so crazy but it has also been a huge amount of fun. 

From marathons to the depot, therapy, driving lessons and trying to insert time for the gym, not a single day was left empty!

To my glee, this week's extra dose of happiness came from visiting the SSO.a office last Thursday. It was great seeing everyone and knowing that they're all as cheerful as I last saw them. Here are some of the photos taken from the afternoon of my trip.

I sure did bug everyone in production including Jayve and Carmela that afteroon. Too bad I have no picture of Carmela! Michelle took over my camera though.haha #asusual :)

And a self portrait from earlier in the day!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Annie Hall

Being the repetitive and always inspired people we are, we always seem to have a "peg" for just about anything. Whether it's your life, your clothes, the way you do or see things, there's always someone or something that you can compare yourself to, or see yourself as.

Most feminine girls nowadays like to associate themselves to Audrey Hepburn, specifically for her role in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". If your liking's lead towards the Beatles, it's Yoko Ono. Karen Carpenter in the 70's and 80's, Spice Girls in the 90's and these days it's usually a tie between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. *OMGEE*

There were a few years in my life when Yoko Ono (in the 70's) was my total peg. Outfits, hair and all - minus the glasses as my face would instantly resemble a globe. After 3 years, it's time to study a new one out.

Here then comes "Annie Hall".


"Annie Hall" as the title states, is a movie that was shown in the late 70's whose title role was played by Diane Keaton. 

I learned about the film on a random chat with Dad while discussing with him the frames I've collected over the years. I told him that I was leaning towards a particular brown frame but, was too nervous to have lenses made for it.

Upon seeing the brown frame on me, Dad said that it was very "Annie Hall" followed by a series of laughs from my lack of knowledge of the character.

It's quite obvious that Annie Hall's love of ties, vests and loose pants shout nothing of myself but her choice of eye wear really clicks! :)

Currently using purple frames to date, a few more doses of confidence and we'll be saying hello to the brown frames! :)


Monday, August 5, 2013

Not Even the Chocolate Hills

As the rain continuous to pour, the lateness of my post is becoming more evident! *rain rain go away!* haha

Here are photos from the second day of our trip to Bohol this summer! 
(For the first day, do click here).

As in the post on our first day, our second day was not any differentt. Countless tours around the hotel were made, along with varying degrees of heat and sun exposure. We experienced no rentals, no trips to see the tarsiers nor to see the Chocolate Hills (since you can see them from the sky prior to landing anyway).

The view from our walk in the morning was something else. It was so serene and natural for a morning at the beach, unlike the hustle and bustle you experience in Boracay, even in station 1. :)

There were so much (Yes "much" is the term for it and not "many"! They were way uncountable) starfish on the beach that morning. I wasn't sure how to feel about them because I've never seen them by the dozens..hundreds..before. I was so worried that my weight would end up crushing them so I decided to flee the water and head back to the sand.

The hotel looks so pretty sans the running kids around! Whoopie for the early risers! :)

Breakfast was also great. Being a heavy breakfast-eater, I recall not having space in my belly till lunch!

Though I'm the elder of two, with my younger brother now taller and bigger than me, I have days when I can totally pass as the younger kid, like in the photo below.haha

On another note, can anyone spot the over mining above? 
What  a relaxing sight this would have been if not for it. ;)


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hustle, Keep Hustling!

Gosh I've been so busy lately, that I haven't been able to post much. Not wanting to be like the previous months before when I totally forget / neglect to put up a post in my blog, I've been making conscious efforts to create pretty things to read and see!

I've always had a blog since I was in high school and chit chatting about everything is something that I've really enjoyed. From livejournal, xanga to wordpress, tumblr and blogspot, having my own space to express myself has become a penchant of mine.

So what's been keeping me busy these days post-SSO.a with a mix of therapy and thrice a week visits to the gym? Work! :)

Here are some photos from my instagram account for what I've been up to lately. :)

Photo taken from the trip to Verde Island with family for my brother's thesis 

Day trip with Dad  to see him do his thing at Prime, Pontefino Residences, Batangas City!

Viewing the Phase 2 Model Unit I designed in 2012 at Pontefino Residence, Gulod Labac, Batangas City

Day out for a seminar!

Viewing the status of the pool at a jobsite

Random day out in Ortigas for perspectives to finish

Perspectives done!

Weekend shopping for a jobsite

Checking papers at home by an architect in the office! :)

Craziness at home during the creation of the material board marketing needs to sell Terraces at Pontefino! :)

Busy yes, but I love what I do! At this point, I can't see myself doing anything else. :)



Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....