Sunday, July 22, 2012

Workstations: White, Light and Mid

Workstations at home need not to be as simple *cough cough*,
as the workstations we have in the office.

Below are some tips and tricks to create a haven at home,
 amongst all the files and papers we have to solve.  :) 


1.) Wallpapers, Frames and White-Painted Walls

Though many are not too keen about putting wallpapers up anymore, one cannot deny the intricacy and the instantaneous effect wallpapers have, on a plain white wall. With many suppliers and designs still sprouting about, why don't we give wallpapers another try?

Frames. Yes, they're noticeably visible in many design-related images lately and come in various shapes, colors, sizes and use. As in the photo, putting frames up against your wall need not be a stressful event. Simply pick out the frames that make you happy (yes, forgive the cheesiness) and have them installed in an organized yet random matter. Just let your creativity roll and don't over think. 
Yup, you heard it right. Don't over think. Over thinking when coming up with designs often lead to boring combinations and mishaps upon installation. :)

And the white walls? Yes. You will be seeing the hue in more photos below. 


2.) Take me back to a time when Mid-Century Modern Design ruled the World!

Haha yes, me and my craziness. I really mean what I just said above though. There's a certain charm in 
Mid-Century Modern Design that current trends can't be pulled away from. 

You know how everyone is into everything "minimalist"? And everything "sleek", "simple" and "straight"? Well Mid-Century Modern Designs achieve the "m" and "s's" above while giving a home-y, relaxed feel minus the feeling of "not designing at all". Traits that are definitely perfect to incorporate into one's work area. 

Also notice the cursive letters painted on the white (again on the white, see what I meant about what I said above?) walls? That too, is a great idea. If you're not too fund of frames and would rather go crazy with paint and scribble words to uplift your spirits as you work, then I suggest to go for something like the photo above! :) Should you want to mix and match the frames and painted letters, that would be great too. 

And if you literally want to put frames and letters together along with Mid-Century Modern details, do check the photo below for some ideas. I'm really liking the huge droplight too. And the mess on the floor. And the pretty table! :)


3.) Cool Colors on White-Painted Walls

See what I meant about white-painted walls being all over this blog post? Well this photo won't be the last of the white-athon. 

For those who love adding bring colors into everything you do (like me), incorporating cool colors like green and purple, will definitely satisfy your thirst for something other than white, while relaxing you by their warmth (which ironically, "warm" colors do not often emit). 


4.) True White. White, white, white and need I say.. More White?

And to further emphasis the beauty of white in one's work station,
here is an array of photos showing thus. :)

Take a look at how clean the work area above looks, inspite the multitude of things above the desk. 
That's the true power of White! :) 

Notice how the wall-mounted organizer in the photo above is painted in white while the desk is lightly finished in wood? The fact that the piece above is painted lighter than the furniture below makes the look so bright! I love how colors go from light to dark along with the height. It gives a light, refreshing feeling without the feeling of weight. 

Planning on going organic? Bring the outside in by incorporating light wood details into your work area. By adding wooden pieces into your station, instant warmth can be attained. 

Quite spunky while still aiming for lightness in your work place? Add punches of your favorite color like the red details we see in the photo above. The red-colored mobile pedestal and wall-mounted display adds much desired character into the space while still maintaining the warm, light feel we all want. 

Into shabby-chic? Vintage pieces mixed with modern pieces can never go wrong when mixed with white walls can never go wrong.. :)


Hope you learned a lot! 

Toodles! :)


Photo credit: world wide web


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