Monday, July 23, 2012

Gloomy, Rainy, Grey yet Yellow Hues

It is such a gloomy Monday evening here in Makati! Whyyyyyyyyyyyy...... @_@

Out of bed and already tucked my work clothes, this week's work week has officially begun. 

Again on the "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..." haha.


Anyhow, back to business. Don't you guys just loveeeeeeee how grey goes well with ANYTHING? And I mean ANYTHING. 

Below are some photos I ran into, showing how pretty mixing and matching GREY with YELLOW can be. In advance, I must say, they all look so dreamy.. :)


Tufted grey walls against grey and yellow furniture are <3 


Subtle punches of yellow brighten up the very grey and almost (if there had been no presence of yellow), dull looking room :)


Simple yet very pretty :)


Shabby chic? <3
Take a look at the headboard in the photo above. It's a  perfect example of reusing the resources we have laying around at home.


Yellow, grey and white against black details complete a layered look.
Yup, our outfits are not the only one's that can play with layers.


Here's another perfect example of layering through interiors. On the out most wall, we have a yellow door while the wall behind it is painted grey. Notice how the  yellow details travel from the first room to the next? They're really there to create the necessary continuity between the two rooms! :) That way, we allow the color scheme to stay coherent inspite of the walls that separate them. :)


Hmmmm... Cute. Okay cute. 

In this case, we play with blue's ,grey's and yellow-colored details. The brightness of yellow and the cool feeling emitted by the dull blue tones, really complement each other. They give a warm feel into the space, even with the presence of yellow.


Aww this picture is so pretty! Any little girl would be happy to have a room like this. I bet she'd love it, even after she'd outgrown it <3


A more mature example of our yellow and grey tones, the photo above emits a mixture of classicism and modern details.



Photo credit: World Wide Web


Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....