Friday, April 22, 2011


Since graduating from college last year, I've been hanging around at home quite often. So often that some of my friends refer to me as their friend from the barrio. 

I don't really mind though because there are quite a lot of beautiful things to see in the province! Details only we rural-living people can see on  a daily basis. :)


We've been fixing up here at home. Here are some pictures of the scaffold - cladded facade two weeks ago. 

A view of the outside from the gate.

A random picture of the inner left corner of the garage near the kitchen windows. Been  trying to be quite the "photographer" lately so please bare with me. HAHA

The rarely used basketball hoop meant for my brother who turned out to be a soccer aficionado, instead of a   Micheal Jordan fan.

The view of the quiet town from one of two opened main doors..

The messy cable, telephone and Meralco lines leading to the houses near ours made this picture look  interesting!

A photo of my Lolo and Lola's wedding day against the white wall, next to a brick-cladded column. Take note as well of the old school 3-seater! :)


Random shots from yesterdays Bisita Iglesia in Batangas City


Church 1:

Ah yes, the ceiling and wall details have all been manually drawn. How I wish I was able to take photos of the old church in Taal before! (random blabber)

Church 2:

The continuity of the mouldings in the ceiling makes the place look really classy and expensive. Traits you do not normally associate to churches in the province. 


The town plaza in Batangas City reminds me so much of the town plaza's of Pila in Laguna and Vigan in Ilocos.


Ever tried RED pansit? This late sixties home has been known for their delicious red-colored pansit. Way back in the 70's, they used to even sell in the public market! Their sweet-tangy barbeque is also to-die for by the way!

Look at the grill work on the doors and windows! 

The Chinese-inspired detail on the main door and built-in divider is something.



Photo credit: My phone


Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....