Friday, April 22, 2011


Cruising along Pila in Laguna middle of last year was so much fun. Seeing all the old homes was so interesting to see! I'm such a fan of them! The clean, quiet and hospitable aura of the town was a total plus. Here are some of the pictures we took on that day.

Arc welcoming visitors to Pila

The homes along the strip are quite colorful

My Dad is in love with the colors they used for this home-turned-business establishment!

Red anyone?

Flyers and Posters everywhere. We were obviously there during the height of last years elections.

The Pila Municipal Hall remains as authentic-looking as its neighboring homes

View of a home across the town plaza

The usual up-and-coming modern designs are always something I watch out for and appreciate as a recent graduate of Interior Design. Due to my provincial upbringing, homes like the one's in Pila, Vigan and Batangas City, are very close to my heart. Because of all my posts on old homes and places, I'm beginning to think that my blog has developed into a site catering for both the old and the new. 

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Photo credit: family camera


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