Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not So Chilly,Yet So Sweet

My family and I try to go to Baguio at least once every year. This years trip brought about several changes in terms of travel, routine's and lodging. Going to Baguio gives us the chance to spend more time with one another, get sick of each others faces and to experiment like crazy! Here are some of the gazillion photos that were taken during the 3-day/2-night trip. :)

Session Road

My attempt at taking a decent shot of our shoes. Emphasis on "ATTEMPT".

While waiting for food at Dinelli's

Trash bins made far more organized and complex

Dad and Mom at Camp John Hay

My "serious face", photo taken by my brother Pocholo

The Christmas tree at the hotel

What did you do with your family this holiday season?

Toodles and Happy New Year to all! :)



Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....