Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Chic


Engaging in some last minute shopping for Halloween?

Go for chic! :)


Themed interiors are always really pretty as they light up any normal place. With Halloween parties sprouting in all directions at this time of the year and kids running about asking for candies while in costumes, what better than pretty spooky-themed furniture pieces and wall art in your home and amongst your regular items for an interesting twist?

Make use of black frames, fabric and black paper for a monochromatic halloween look that will surely be accentuated by any white wall.

With plates and utensils coming out in a multitude of designs, decorating an area using halloween-themed plates would definitely be as inexpensive as it is original.

The simple yet eye-popping effect of  plates mounted on your wall will wake up even the most boring and plain of all nooks. 

Skull Chair anyone?

Pumpkins need not always be left as orange. Check these black and white-painted pumkin's out. So chic!

May your table settings be as happy as if you were celebrating Christmas and not otherwise with contrasting black and white tones like the pumkin's above: 

For a fun and cheerleader-like route, fill your dining area with pompom-like floating decorations!

With white as your main color and black looking as secondary as ever, your sweets and arrangement will look as child-friendly as it is professional and adult-looking.

Opting for the real scary thing? Twist the focus on black and shimmery materials instead as shown in the photo below:

Hope these ideas have helped. :)
Happy Halloween Everyone! Run out and be merry! :)



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