Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last Sunday, Dad, his group of friends from college called "the Chongs" & their respective families, decided to meet up around 9 in the morning to go on a road trip to Batangas City & probably Taal should the time might have permitted us. In Batangas City we were scheduled to go to the Acosta-Pastor Ancestral Home ( Circa 1883 ) for a tour of the home care of Ka Tonying Pastor, an 82 year old grandchild of the original owners. After the tour, we were to have lunch at A&M, a restaurant my Dad has been doing to ever since he was little, followed by a visit to Hotel Pontefino & Residences to check out what Dad has been up to. 

Here's a sneak peak of the Pastor-Acosta Ancestral Home plus group pictures taken at a townhouse in Pontefino: 

A view of their gate from their ante sala leads to a plaza-like open area where countless vehicles may park...
A vehicle for each member of the Chongs were orderly parked in array parallel to the home: Dad's was up first followed by Tito Raymond's, Tito Toto's, Tito Richard's then Tito Andoy's
The Pastor's have claimed to retain 90 percent of the original home mostly to strengthen the home & adjust to the needs of the time. To note, only electric fans & additional lighting have been installed inside. Aircons have not been permitted to be installed by the family. 
The family is proud to tell everyone that none of them have squandered the home as most 3rd to 4th generations have usually done to their ancestral homes.. To date, the home is cared for by the family themselves, solely for the appreciation of their family & friends.
Here's my Dad, Tito Richard & Tito Raymond in the photo above, affront a view of the home.
After a delicious merienda of tamales & kakanin, Ka Tonying showed us around the other areas of their lot...

Directly after Ka Tonying's we spent some time checking around the newly expanded areas at Hotel Pontefino. Pocholo, Tito Toto, Tita Tammy, Ysabel, Scott and I had so much fun trying out the Challenge Course!

After the hotel, we checked out the Residences.... 
Here's a group shot from when we dropped by Pontefino that afternoon!
...and another one! :)


 What a fun & educational day that was.......

 Will post more about the Pastor-Acosta Ancestral Home in my succeeding post! :) Time to work now...

Here's to more road trips this SUMMER!



Photo credit: Mom's cellphone & Tito Andoy Perez


Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....