Saturday, October 22, 2011


Was asked to research on modern armoire's at work yesterday, which we can use as concept photos for a piece that we lacked for a project in Makati. I found so many pretty looking one's but could not save or see them because the internet in the office was not exactly cooperating with me.

Having brought the itch to find interesting armoire's out of work, I decided to continue my search as soon as I got home. :)


Boca do Lobo Guggenheim Armoire 


Patchwork cupboards turn into beauties.

Made of recycled materials, the designers of these cupboards should receive an award for ingenuity! At a time when the state of our environment is on everyone's mind, more of these should be constructed. :)


A Ralph Pucci free standing cabinet by Patrick Naggar Evolutions

Doesn't it remind you of a pumpkin?



Colorful cabinets by A2Designers which come in several candy hues!

in blue..

in pink... yellow

and in white!


The Rosette Armoire by Egg Designs

Made of steel and copper plated roses, this armoire is sure to be a hit with flower-loving (not me!) spectators.


Inspired by Dung beetles, the "Bug Armoire", another creation of Egg Designs is as hip as the brand it belongs to.

The scarab details were cut through laser printing and covered in powder coating while its legs are made of solid timber. Drawn on the legs are hand-carved bugs to complete its bug-themed look.


Though armoire's were said to have originally been used to store weapons, they have also served a purpose in the lives of women in the past. Serving as a storage for jewelry, armoire's like the one above are said to be a good place to keep one's jewelry at home. With the large amount of space inside, women no longer had to hide their jewelries in banks or in tiny compartments. Wish women these days had more of these to go around!



Cathy Malvar


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