Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got chocolate? Go Villa del Conte

Ever heard of Villa del Conte?

A town in Padova, Italy, Villa del Conte houses one of the finest chocolate recipes that has been shared by three generations. Now in the Philippines with its flagship store at Shangri-La Mall in Ortigas, these fine sweets come in what you call as "Villa del Conte Cioccolato Sublime".

The 9-sqm. kiosk that currently contains 13-sku's is composed primarily of manually-weathered red bricks and wrought iron details, to attune to the old-world vibe we were aiming for. An application that took a year, its turn-out was worth the wait.

Several concepts were also made, as basis for future store's.

Typical Pop-up Kiosk

Typical 9sqm. kiosk

Typical 18sqm. kiosk 

Typical 9sqm. kiosk with canopy

Typical 18-20sqm. in-store 

Do visit the store when on your next visit to Shangri-La Mall! :)
(More on their treats in future posts.)

Villa del Conte
3rd floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall,Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines



Cathy Malvar

Photo credit: internet


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