Sunday, August 28, 2011


Last August 25,2011, I went to ManilArt sometime in the evening and took several pictures. I love how varied the artworks were and, how interesting their concepts are. Before I went to ManilArt, I met up with my younger (they're still studying!) ex-roommate's from AC at Toast Box, Greenbelt 5.

You see, our table started out very clean and organized. Sarah (shown below) was happily pointing out the numbers given to us after paying for our orders while on the right, are the orders of Sarah and Amparo.

Since I was on my way to ManilArt after, I was already on "exhibit mode". I showed the two girls the ticket for ManilArt and even compared the size of the ticket I purchased the previous day, for the Dutdutan Event. We found out that the ticket for Dutdutan is soooo much bigger!

Now while the girls were peacefully eating and I was talking to my Dad on the phone, Amparo accidentally swayed her right arm where the teaspoon of her drink was, which resulted to her drink spilling all over. The mess it made was quite huge but the people who work at Toast Box were nice enough to help us out and give us a pack of tissue. Here are two photos of Amparo's place after we cleaned up a bit while, Sarah is shown blaming the spoon (thus, the title of my post). Haha

Amparo was such a sport about it that the spillage turned out to be a funny event, rather than a problematic and stressful one. She was even cool enough to have her photo taken underneath the signage of the store, as remembrance. :)

After bonding with my two little sisters, I proceeded to ManilArt. As I said earlier, I loved the variety of artworks present in the exhibit. The place though cladded in white walls, looked very colorful because of the paintings and sculptures that were exhibited. From works about children, Japanese women, the heritage of the Philippines to the current state of our society, the place was really filled.

That night, I also claimed a free painting as a treat for being at the Art Talk 101 (which I talked about in a previous post!). I really like the painting I chose! I'm so happy about it. :) With the painting covered in two layers when I was made to choose from among several items, I had no idea how the painting would look so it was such a nice suprise to see a really colorful artwork on our dining table that night. :)

Thanks to the people of GeiserMaclang for inviting me! :)



Photo credit: me


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