Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Though I'm naturally girly, my taste in homes for some reason, release my inner masculinity. Fine horizontal and vertical lines entice me, often inexplicably encouraging me to take a second look at a home. The more lean and less fuzzy, the better.

Ever since I could remember, beautiful homes have given me much delight, making me wish I took up Architecture instead of Interior Design. Haha.

Like in my previous post (link), none of the pictures below belong to me. Even if so, do enjoy! :)

White + Wood + Stainless Steel = Forever a Classic in Modern Design

Some people have great appreciation for the crowning glory's (roof) of their home. The owner's of the house above, is one perfect example. 

Homes have become quite industrial-looking

Feeling a tad bit too bored about owning a purely white structure? A pinch of color like the lime-green detail on the facade above is bound to do the trick. :)

Modern yet very homey

Once again on the usual industrial-looking homes

One word: COZY!

So white! So white!

Feels like a smaller, yet more geometric version of the Cullen's home (#fanmuch)

Reminiscent of a barcode

Reminds me of Robot in Makati!

Wood details will forever add the warmth one sought's after in a home

Simple yet wow.

The repetition of varnishes used created a very elegant and eloquent-looking modern home 

Modern homes need not always be filled with just horizontal and vertical lines


The dark -colored tiles fool one to think that the home is afloat.

More photos to come!



Photo credit: World Wide Web


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