Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For those of you who are not too focused on the idea of fitting into the usual mold of Blackberry and Nokia  and are in search of hip, colorful yet sturdy phones, the latest array of mobiles from Samsung are sure to fit your needs. 


My first Samsung buy was a Samsung Genoa C3510 for my birthday last year, exactly like the blue-colored one below:

My Samsung Genoa has been with me for almost a year now and I still love it to the bits! I cant imagine myself replacing it in the near future. Packed with a blue-toned jelly case and a sticker of a strawberry on the lower right part of the phone's facade, I tote my blue Genoa wherever I go. 

Middle of last year, Samsung came out with three other colors of the Samsung Genoa. I was thinking of getting the pink one at first but, I ended up buying the blue on instead. To this day, I don't feel a single amount of regret about the choice I made. :)

With my Samsung Genoa housing my Sun sim, my Globe sim needed much attention and a new home. Almost a year later, I found myself buying a Pink (almost Carnation Pink-colored actually ) Samsung Punch Ch@t3222. Being able to change the font into this really cute, kiddy-type font was such a plus to its already adorable nature! 

My Samsung Punch has been with me for a day now and I can't stop playing with it. Just like my Samsung Genoa, my Samsung Punch is protected by a jelly case (of a translucent variety this time) and has a sticker on the side (of a cloud to be exact). Now if you're not the type to go with pink-colored stuff, Samsung also came up with three other colors for the Samsung Punch.



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