Monday, March 28, 2011



When industrial meets early Modernism, you get this....
Ahh... A different twist to the usual beach houses we see!
The "brick-like" effect on the brown walls give instant uniqueness to the home
The careful interplay of materials make this "colorful" minimalist home work
Box-y (Check) White (check) Cute and small (check)
The combination of the dark wall & glass plays well together. The facade was obviously given thought to.
Look at how the windows were creatively organized!
It seems as if when you paint everything white, nothing can go wrong....
Reminiscent of a scene in a movie
A beautiful twist to a regular bungalow & an example of how to play with a long lot.
This house reminds me that of the Cullens (aka the Twilight Saga)
A perfect example of a well-executed symmetrical structure

I cant help but save pretty pictures of Modern-inspired homes. Though I graduated Interior Design last year, with my brother and father both into Architecture, facades not only interiors, catch my eye. 

From the photos I have gathered through time, I've come to realize that though I'm of a wacky, colorful nature, the kind of homes that makes me salivate and die for are the ones that focus on seamless lines & geometric figures. :)



Photo credit: Internet! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


For most students in the Philippines, SUMMER has officially begun! With the sudden burst of immense heat, the first thing we Filipino's have in mind is the idea of going on great vacations come Holy Week, April and May!

Summer time for us Filipino's have always been about either staying at home to chill or.....for most....going out of town with our family and friends! Looking through some of the pictures we've taken awhile back, going on road trips this season with my loved ones excites me!

Cavite with Hanna and Tesh
Corrigedor with Rena, Mai and Kuya
Vigan with Mom, Dad and Pocholo
While on a Binondo Food Walk with family and friends
While Dad was at work! ( Residences at Hotel Pontefino, Batangas City)
View from SM Baguio City
At a resort in Laguna
Lake Caliraya
Family Ancestral Home in Laguna

Chicken Farm near Tagaytay
Montemar Beach Resort in Bataan
Lacson Ruins in Bacolod with Amparo
Macau with my schoolmates

Punta Fuego

 I can hardly till my next trip around town!



Photo credit: Me!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Aha! TWO new lipsticks for a total NEWBIE (a.k.a lipgloss user) in just TWO WEEKS! 

This dilemma has definitely begun to make me sound like a DESPERATE BEING... @_@

HAHAHA! @#%$^#%@! 


The Lippies: 
Both from the Plum Family; One lippy darker than the other. 


I hopped into the car yesterday wearing my dark, dark, dark plum-colored lippy. 

When my Dad looked into the rear-view mirror, he jumped off his seat and exclaimed "WHOA!! I THINK A VAMPIRE FLEW INTO THE CAR! HAHAHA!".
Hahahaha that was just too funny!
Because of yesterday's incident, I decided to get a lighter shade of plum to use during the day. I wouldn't want to scary anyone away!

As soon as I got home today, I took some shots for you guys to see! I still feel very "vampy" though (which I really love!), without being too scary looking (which I also really, REAAAALLY like). :)





Currently pledged myself to a sabbatical away from certain things, work none the less but that aspect will have to  experience some delay....