Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've never really been a make-up junky. I've always preferred checking out fashion, interior, disney or architectural blogs and sites over researching about make-up's or how to use them. 

On a daily basis, I prefer to go light by just applying toner, moisturizer then powder on my face. On a chappy lip day, I apply lip gloss or lip balm. 

I've always preferred going simple because I think its not the correct application of lipstick or blush that counts, but more of the over-all cleanliness and appearance of your face. There's no point in applying really expensive and pretty cosmetics on your face when even just your skin, you cannot take care of. 

Now that I'm 22, I've come to realize that it's time to explore the make-up industry further while still imploring my original philosophy on skin. Lately, I've been quite fixated on the idea of using lipstick on my plain face everyday. In fact, I spent like half an hour trying on various shades of lipstick in the mall yesterday..haha. My lips turned so red that even if I ate, drank or washed my face, the remnants of my "playing" was still visible. Haha.


Agreeing to my personal idea of using lipstick was just apparently the first step because as soon as I saw the variety of colors that I had to pick from, I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??". Hahaha

It was too difficult to decide on what tone to use on a daily basis!

I personally do not like the idea of using nude tones on my lips so I basically have only 3 families to choose from: the Pink's, the Red's and the Plum's. 

The Plum-colored one's looked very ME but I'm not sure I want to scare the people I work with everyday.haha

To help me decide on what to choose, I've collated several pictures from each color family. Have fun checking them out too! I hope I can decide soon! :)


Now let's start with the PINK FAMILY:






Now for the PLUM FAMILY: 

After posting all these pictures, I still cannot decide what to use on a daily basis. I think I've scratched RED off from my list though. Red is just to bright and flashy for my taste. Pink-colored one's look safe for use on a daily basis but I really am sold by the vampy, scary yet non-flashy vibe of the plum-colored one's.

HMM! Well thats a step! Out for the Red's, in for the Pink's and Plum's! :) 

Sooooooooo..... Should my next blog be "OCHO: FINALLY DECIDE, THE PINK'S OR THE PLUM'S?"




Photo credit: from the world wide web!  


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